Current Shows

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May 23 - June 1, 2019

SHOW DATES:   Thursday, May 23, 2019     7:30 pm
                        Friday, May 24, 2019         7:30 pm  
                        Saturday, May 25, 2019     7:30 pm
                        Sunday, May 26, 2019       2:00 pm Matinee

                       Thursday, May 30, 2019      7:30 pm
                       Friday, May 31, 2019          7:30 pm
                       Saturday, June 1, 2019       2:00 pm Matinee
                       Saturday, June 1, 2019       7:30 pm

Director:  Jennifer Carroll
Musical Director:  Sheila-Marie Richardson
Choreographer / Stage Manager:  Lynsay Haines
Producer:  Jill Hanley and Brittany Gyivicsan
Promotions / Costumes:  Karen Higgins
Make-up / Hair / Costumes:  Debbie Begg

CAST:   Will Kennedy as JACK KELLY
            Madison Holder as KATHERINE 
            Frankie Turco as PULITZER
            Nate Hobor as CRUTCHIE
            Ian Reynolds as DAVEY
            Owen Ross as LES
            Emmalee Cameron as WIESEL / STAGE MGR / MRS. JACOBI / MAYOR
            Ben Wyatt-Buren as SEITZ and SNYDER
            Dylan Duff as NUNZIO and POLICEMAN
            Kaya McClure as MEDDA
            Katie Kahkonen as HANNAH and BOWERY BEAUTY
            Ella Bigras as BOWERY BEAUTY and street WOMAN
            Xanthe van der Gulik as BUNSEN
            James Auston as MORRIS DELANCEY
            Luke Spadzinski as OSCAR DELANCEY
            Graham Ross as GOVERNOR ROOSEVELT
         And all the amazing NEWSIES:
            Ainsley Mackenzie as RACE
            Elizabeth Eltherington as ELMER
            Katy Bellamy as ALBERT
            Sasha Drolet as FINCH
            Paige Douse as TOMMY BOY
            Fiona Mackenzie as SPOT 
            Abbie Morton as MUSH
            Nikki Webber as BUTTONS
            Natasha Shantz as HENRY
            Hannah Watson as JOJO
            Josh Humphrey as ROMEO
            Shon Douse as SPECS
            Gavin Schmidt as MIKE
            Sarah Mitchell as IKE
            Tia James as SPLASHER
            Joel Schmidt as NEWSIE
            Mackenzie Shantz as NEWSIE
            Noelle Hobor as NEWSIE



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